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6 Tips for Brooklyn Cruise Deals

Follow our 6 tips to find cheap cruises leaving from Brooklyn.

1. A good deal on a cruise is any rate below $100 per day, and on a luxury ship like the Queen Mary 2 that sails from Brooklyn the fair price is well above that. Remember, these cruises include meals and entertainment.

2. Travel at off-peak times. Holidays and the summer are peak seasons for cruises, when ships are full and prices are high. Look in the early spring, late fall, first 2 weeks of December, or January for bargains.

3. Try a repositioning cruise. One-way cruises that move a ship from one home-port to another aren't as popular as round-trip cruises. That leads to lower rates.

4. Book well ahead of your departure date and you might get a cheap early-bird price. Cruise lines like to sell cabins early so they know how much promotion they'll need to do later in the year.

5. People who are willing to wait can get specials on last minute cruises. Cruise lines drop the rates on remaining cabins as the date of the cruise approaches. Selection is very limited, but you can sometimes grab something excellent.

6. Shop around. When you're searching for cheap cruises, check with more than one travel agency or cruise line. They'll each have different offers.

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